Welcome to the i360 Certification Training

Find out why the data is the difference.

i360 delivers innovative products and services through the strategic use of data, software, and analytics. Products like i360 Portal, i360 Call, and i360 Walk are designed to put data into action. We provide the tools to create neighborhood canvassing operations, phone banks, mail lists, fundraising initiatives, contacts management, and so much more. Become a certified expert on the most advanced voter contact tools available. i360 Certified Experts will be eligible for exclusive swag, early product access, and partnership opportunities.
  • Learn the tools

    This course covers all standard i360 Portal features, i360 Call, i360 Walk, and bonus action content.

  • Test yourself

    You'll be tested frequently in this course. After completing all lessons, score at least a 90% on the exam to become certified.

  • Time to work

    After you've done the work, put it into action. We'll discuss how you can utilize i360 tools throughout your campaign.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Trouble logging in?

    Your Portal credentials will not work to access this site. We recommend visiting the Training Center directly from the Portal and selecting the '?' icon in the top right. From there, select 'i360 Training Center'. You'll be automatically logged in once you revisit this page.

  • How can I obtain my credential?

    To qualify for a credential, you must achieve 100% completion of this course. Please refer to the progress bar at the top left of the course to determine your status. From there, a member of our staff will review the credential to approve it for access.